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xmas wedding

Top 5 Practical Reasons To Hold A Holiday Wedding AT The Fox Hollow

Written By Fox Hollow | 11/22/19 | 4 min read

Sure, spring and summer are idyllic seasons to hold a gorgeous and supremely picturesque wedding, especially when you consider the sunny skies, blooming florals, and outdoor vibes—but in truth, those prime seasons can’t hold a candle to staging your nuptials during what is arguably the coziest time of the year. 

Whether it’s the possibility of your wedding photos having the added brilliance of a winter wonderland backdrop (if Mother Nature cooperates with some snowfall) or the fact that December is often considered to be the most joyously romantic month of the year, there’s plenty of advantages to tying the knot with a wedding on or around Christmas!

Maybe your mind lights up whenever you hear a Christmas song or you always have a Yule Tide tune in your heart, but the colorful lights and the jolly outlook of the Christmas season can add a luster to wedding planning that shines like tinsel on a tree. But besides joy and wonder, there are also some practical reasons why holding your wedding around the holiday season makes a lot of sense! Let’s take a look at the top five reasons for a Christmas season wedding!

Wedding Venue Decorations 

One of the hardest decisions you need to make while wedding planning has everything to do with decorations, color scheme, and the general look of your big day. But when you have your wedding during the holidays in December, a lot of those decisions are made much easier. Churches, wedding venues, reception halls, and catering halls often all decorate and adorn their surroundings with a healthy dose of holiday flourishes. That’s right, the halls are decked with color schemes, floral arrangements, ribbons, bows, winter wreaths, and more. This means you won’t have to toil away at deciding what your theme should be—as this time of year comes complete with it’s own heartwarming motif!

More Event Hall & Wedding Vendor Availability

Though it’s not the least popular month to hold a wedding (we’re looking at you, January, February, and March), December is on the lower end of the wedding-month popularity list. As such, expect to generally have your pick of the day and time you wish to get married, as your chosen wedding venue will likely have plenty of open slots around the holiday season. This is in contrast to months like October, June, and September, which are typically crowded months to tie the knot. The same goes for wedding vendors, all of whom will likely boast more availability during December. Some vendors even offer discounted rates for off-season wedding dates, so be sure to inquire about that possibility when planning your wedding!

Perfect Time To Gather With Family & Friends

December’s holiday season is the time of year when you typically find yourself racing around Long Island, trying desperately to make time for each and every loved one, while simultaneously lamenting the fact that there are some family and friends that live too far out of the way to see. Well, when you schedule your wedding during the holidays, it’s an opportunity to get everyone you care about in one room—this means that not only will you see them for your wedding, but you’ll also get in some holiday facetime with them as well! This includes any family or friends from out-of-town, that you otherwise would never have gotten to spend time with during the holidays. Now, along with those out-of-towners, you’ll also get your cousins, sood-to-be in-laws, college roommate, favorite aunt, and everyone else in for a holiday celebration that also just happens to be your wedding day. Talk about a win-win situation!

Wonderful Lighting For Picture-Perfect Wedding Photos

Winter can also be the most wonderful time of the year for wedding photography. Winter weddings naturally feature some of the most beautiful sunsets during the entire year, with the golden hour light of winter being one of the most spectacular visages you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Just imagine capturing that astonishing miracle of nature in your wedding photos! There’s also something incredibly romantic about you and your partner frolicking around in the snow for some photos, or finding a gazebo and using it as the centerpiece location for your wedding photos. And if there are some twinkling lights involved in the photo setup, even better!

It’s Good To Be Unique!

Those popular wedding months and seasons offer tried and tested formulas that have worked for decades. The unfortunate downside is that weddings during those time periods can be predictable, cookie-cutter affairs that hit so many of the same notes that guests will be hard-pressed to remember exactly what it was that made your wedding day so uniquely special. Of course, there are plenty of approaches you can endeavor to make your wedding unique, no matter what time of year you get married—but planning a wedding in December, with holiday themes, is an easy way to inject some personality into your nuptials. A holiday wedding gives you the chance to break the mold of traditional weddings and give your guests something worth remembering. Rather than a summer or spring wedding, go for the lasting impression of a Christmas wedding—it’s a gift you and your family will unwrap each and every holiday season when you stop to reminisce about the joyous occasion.

’Tis The Season At Fox Hollow

Each and every year when the holiday season rolls around, the Fox Hollow is transformed into a winter wonderland by it’s wedding expert elves. The pros at the Fox Hollow deck the halls throughout the Long Island wedding venue with Christmas and wintry decorations that sparkle with festive cheer and jingle with the visual equivalent of a holiday tune. That magic also transports guests at the Inn at Fox Hollow, a boutique hotel on the grounds of the wedding venue that gives guests the freedom to celebrate without any travel concerns—regardless if the weather outside is frightful!