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Wedding Guest Welcome Bag Essentials

Written By Fox Hollow | 08/07/19 | 3 min read

As much as you would love to stand at the doors of the Inn at Fox Hollow, greeting every one of your guests personally as they arrive for your wedding, you are probably just a tad too busy.

Welcome bags are a great way to let your wedding guests know how happy you are that they’ve chosen to be there in person to witness your incredibly special day—especially if they are out-of-town guests. It’s also a fun and playful way to express you and your partner’s personality in a neat, little package. Also, who doesn’t love receiving a goodie bag? Your guests will be delighted merely being there, but getting sweet array of gifts in a tote bag will make it that much more of a celebratory experience. 

There are more than a few items that have become typical in welcome bags that await guests as they check into the hotel. Water bottles are among the easiest things you can include and the same goes for a pain reliever like Tylenol—both especially good items for any guests that enjoy themselves a little more than others. Beyond those two crucial inclusions in your welcome bags, there’s plenty of room for you and your partner to get creative.

The Bag Itself

Canvas tote bags and decorative boxes are interesting alternatives to the typical gift bag, as they are different, creative, and immediately eye-catching. For a design, avoid using your own initials, as you want your guests to be able to reuse the bags for their own personal use (how many items with other people’s initials do you own?). Choose a more timeless design feature that will make them think of your wedding every time they grab it on the way out the door. And if you do decide to go the more cost-efficient gift bag route, there are plenty of fun options that are not only practical, but also look fantastic. 

A Heartfelt Thank-You Note

Your guests are going to love to hear from you throughout the wedding celebration and a small message of appreciation in their welcome bag is a lovely way to get things started. Your message can be simple and quaint—merely expressing how excited you are to share your wedding day with loved ones. And if you think that perhaps a note is too “old fashioned” for you, remember that a couple of old-fashioned elements can add to a well-rounded wedding theme that serves to heighten the grandeur of the day. Check out this link for some helpful design templates. 

A Wedding Day Schedule

When your wedding guests check into the hotel, you want them to be aware of the timeline of events to come. They’ll need to know where they should be and when, how they are getting there, and, of course, what time they can expect to eat! This is especially helpful if they have to take a shuttle to your ceremony—or even just to clue them into when they should walk over for the nuptials. While this is information you might’ve included on the invitation, it can’t hurt for your guests to have a second point of reference.

Sweet & Savory Treats

With all of the running around and getting ready, it’s quite possible that your guest will somehow forget to eat. Help them keep their energy levels high with a sugar fix that they can munch on while getting dressed or waiting for the festivities to begin. A great idea for sweets is M&M’s, which offers customizable versions of their candy-coated chocolate treats, with plenty of packaging options. As for salty snacks, some guests just prefer them to sweet stuff—but more importantly, savory food is usually the go-to for anyone who's been busy dancing (and drinking) the night away at your wedding. Simple bags of classic potato chips are always a hit, and when buying in bulk, are very affordable, too.

Hangover Kit

While water and pain relief tablets certainly fall into this category, sometimes your guests need a little extra TLC the morning after your wedding. Hangover kits for sale online often go beyond Tylenol by including other items like bandages for over-danced feet, mouthwash to fight morning breath, Tums, and ear-plugs for any lingering sonic damage.