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Choose the Inn at Fox Hollow For Your Next Long Island Business Trip

Published 04/09/2021 by Fox Hollow

Comfort is what we’re all looking for when it’s time to unwind and relax. We seek comfort in a soft bed, a cozy lounge area, a sunny poolside or an ergonomic desk chair—wherever comfort pops up, that’s where our minds ...

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Published 11/09/2020 by Fox Hollow

For the past 11 years, the Scotto Brothers have hosted a Toys for Tots Toy Drive at the Fox Hollow. This year, we will be keeping tradition but in a different way! Please join us as we collect toys for those who are ...

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Everything You Need To Know About Save-The-Dates

Published 03/13/2020 by Fox Hollow

After the ring slides onto your finger and you’re officially engaged, you’ll probably take to social media to make the grand announcement after you’ve called and spread the news to all of your closest loved ones.

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How To Cope With Wedding Planning Stress

Published 02/14/2020 by Fox Hollow

There's no avoiding the inevitable: Planning a wedding will stress you out. The road to your wedding day is paved in sleepless nights and worry-riddled days where it can seem as though your wedding day vision is a ...

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The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Flowers

Published 01/31/2020 by Fox Hollow

It’s hard to imagine a wedding without fresh blooms of a variety of flowers lining the ceremony aisle or being strategically placed around the reception hall at the wedding venue. There’s just something about the ...

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Simple Steps To Creating A Wedding Budget

Published 01/17/2020 by Fox Hollow

When you attend a friend or family member’s wedding, you’re often blissfully unaware of how much planning—and money—went into the various components and overall aesthetic of the nuptials. This naivate quickly disappears ...

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Wedding Planning Resolutions For The New Year

Published 01/03/2020 by Fox Hollow

Each and every year we talk about and plan our New Year’s resolutions—promises we make to ourselves and others to change bad behavior or to accomplish a personal goal or just to improve our lives in general.

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Last Minute Christmas Wedding Playlist

Published 12/19/2019 by Fox Hollow

So you’ve decided to hold your Christmas nuptials at a Long Island wedding venue. That’s great! Long Island is one of the most ideal places for a holiday-themed wedding, as the seasonal climate lends itself to the cozy ...

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Top 5 Practical Reasons To Hold A Holiday Wedding AT The Fox Hollow

Published 11/22/2019 by Fox Hollow

Sure, spring and summer are idyllic seasons to hold a gorgeous and supremely picturesque wedding, especially when you consider the sunny skies, blooming florals, and outdoor vibes—but in truth, those prime seasons can’t ...

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Fine Dining With The Fox At Volpe Ristorante

Published 08/14/2019 by Fox Hollow

Guests of the Inn at Fox Hollow have access to world-class amenities, sparkling surroundings on a Gold Coast estate, and a perfectly centralized location on Long Island’s North Shore. While those are all glowing ...

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Wedding Guest Welcome Bag Essentials

Published 08/07/2019 by Fox Hollow

As much as you would love to stand at the doors of the Inn at Fox Hollow, greeting every one of your guests personally as they arrive for your wedding, you are probably just a tad too busy.

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Why You Should Say 'I Do' to An On-site Wedding Ceremony

Published 07/30/2019 by Fox Hollow

One of the very first questions you should ask your wedding venue of choice is whether or not they have the capability of holding an on-site ceremony. Learning this will immediately tell you if you need to book a house ...

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Easter Sunday at the Fox Hollow

Published 03/20/2019 by Fox Hollow

Celebrate Easter Sunday at the beautiful Fox Hollow!

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Snowbirds’ Northern Migration Made Simple

Published 03/12/2019 by Fox Hollow

Taking flight as a snowbird means that you have likely made it to one of aging’s greatest benefits—retirement. No longer subject to the daily grind, you are free to enjoy life, your grandchildren, and with any luck, a ...

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