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Hotel Or Airbnb For A Long Island Stay?

Written By The Inn at Fox Hollow | 02/10/21 | 4 min read

As a consumer browsing the hospitality industry, you’ve got more than a fair share of options. Not only is the hotel market booked solid with big chains, mid-sized operations, and smaller mom-and-pop spots, recent years saw the arrival of Airbnb onto the scene.

The two options—hotels and Airbnb—bring varying levels of perks, comfort, and amenities. Hotels are renowned for an established level of offerings, such as cleaning, room service, on-site food and beverage, concierge services, fitness centers, pools, different levels of accommodations, and typically plenty of parking. At an Airbnb, you get the autonomy of staying in a private home or apartment and all the quirkiness that comes with it.

But is there a clear advantage to choosing a hotel or Airbnb when staying on Long Island? Well, many factors can play into it. For starters, it depends on how long the stay is expected to last, where on Long Island you’re staying, and whether the stay is for business or pleasure. Another point that became a crucial deciding factor in the last year is cleanliness, specifically as it relates to COVID-19 safety. 

With all of that in mind, let’s measure hotels and Airbnbs against each other when it comes to everything related to staying on Long Island.


Starting with the component that’s top of mind for anyone looking to book time away from home, cleanliness means so much more these days than it has in recent years. Public health at a hotel is regulated by the local health department, and cleaning is far more detailed than at private homes or apartments hosting guests as an Airbnb. Because of the independent nature of Airbnb, those temporary rentals just do not have the same level of oversight as a place like the Inn at Fox Hollow. 

Hotels in general have also been extremely open about the steps taken to protect guests and ensure a safe, clean environment. Like many hotels, the Inn at Fox Hollow’s enhanced cleaning procedures are detailed explicitly on our website. This is an invaluable amenity that gives hotels a distinct advantage over Airbnb.

For your convenience, we’ve included many of our safety efforts here for your easy reference!


Of course, you want to feel safe and secure when you're sleeping in a bed that isn't your own. An Airbnb safety guarantee can only go so far. Think about it: Your Airbnb is only as safe and secure as the locks on the door and the neighborhood where you're staying. But at a hotel, there are numerous safety protocols that are part of the natural makeup of the hospitality industry.

The Inn at Fox Hollow is staffed at the front desk 24/7, and all room doors are secured with a double lock/deadbolt and security latch.  This means that no one may enter the room from the outside once you are locked inside. The parking lot and front entrance to the hotel are both fully lit at all times, which adds a sense of security to your comings and goings. 

There are also fire and carbon monoxide detectors and fire sprinklers in all guest rooms and public areas. And finally, the entire hotel is routinely inspected by the local health department, ensuring cleanliness throughout all of the hotel's services, including food services. 

Food & Beverage

Most Airbnb properties usually have a full kitchen with stove top, oven, refrigerator, and cabinets. As for stocking that kitchen and cooking food, that’s up to you as the guest. The kitchen and food situation is really what signifies the major difference between hotels and Airbnbs. It’s all about services. 

At an Airbnb, all of the cooking and stocking responsibilities fall on the guest. At a hotel like the Inn at Fox Hollow, you get the best of both worlds. Guest suites at the Inn at Fox Hollow have a kitchenette, so it is possible to do a measure of small scale cooking. But, you can also leave the food preparation to the pros, thanks to food service. What's more, the Inn at Fox Hollow offers guests complimentary breakfast daily, as well as dinner Monday through Thursday.

Though COVID-19 has altered the way the Inn at Fox Hollow presents its food options, the hotel still has plenty of eating options available, including room services and some socially distanced dining.

Meanwhile, hotels in general are centrally located. This means guests often have plenty of delivery options in the surrounding area. This is most definitely a perk of the Inn at Fox Hollow, which is nestled in a location that boasts some of the North Shore of Long Island’s finest restaurants, all easily accessible. 

General Amenities

As for amenities, your typical Airbnb can’t measure up to a hotel. At an Airbnb, you might have backyard access and in rare cases a pool. Other than that, you’re looking at a rather bare bones vacation—a real “what you see is what you get” situation. This also means no fitness center, lounge area, concierge services, computer station, ample free parking, and sprawling landscaping with beautiful gardens. Meanwhile, the Inn at Fox Hollow has all of those amenities and more, including a pool

Hotels in general—and the Inn at Fox Hollow, specifically—specialize in wowing their guests with these amenities. In fact, the main reason hospitality became a billion-dollar industry in the first place is because of all the extra “pampering” guests can experience when spending time away from home. And it’s why hotels are still exceedingly popular—even with newly implemented cleanliness standards and safety guidelines. 


In the big question of “hotel or Airbnb,” we believe hotels still hold distinct advantages over anything Airbnbs can offer. If you haven’t spent much time at a hotel recently, we recommend you check in and check out all of the perks places like the Inn at Fox Hollow have lined up especially for guests like you.