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Choose the Inn at Fox Hollow For Your Next Long Island Business Trip

Written By Fox Hollow | 04/09/21 | 5 min read

Comfort is what we’re all looking for when it’s time to unwind and relax. We seek comfort in a soft bed, a cozy lounge area, a sunny poolside or an ergonomic desk chair—wherever comfort pops up, that’s where our minds drift into a state of pleasant lightness. 

But here’s the thing about comfort: it’s conducive to much more than relaxation. We’re willing to bet that when your mind is at ease, you’re much more likely to take care of business. It’s true! Much more than merely helping you zone out as you sip a cocktail, experiencing the utmost in luxurious comfort at a boutique hotel can transform your stressful business trip into a veritable work holiday where you actually get some work done!

The Inn at Fox Hollow is in the business of providing corporate hospitality that’s brimming with features for extended stay guests. We accommodate guests on business trips with a curated combination of functional amenities, along with just the right amount of pampering and a centralized location on the lush North Shore of Long Island. 

The Inn at Fox Hollow: Your Home Office Away From Home

First things first, the Inn at Fox Hollow offers ultra-reliable, wired internet, local call capability, and complimentary Wi-Fi to all of our business guests. But when traveling for business, sometimes you need more from your hotel than reliable Wi-Fi. For many workers today, business travel is a part of life and a business travel hotel can make or break a work trip. Fast Wi-Fi, fitness centers, a measure of luxury during downtime, and satisfying food—all of these things have the power to transform a business pain into a business perk.

But these days—when many people are working from home—the term “business trip” has taken on a whole new meaning. For some people, working from home is a serious drag. The monotonous pace of the day, the unchanging scenery, and the many distractions of home life can all combine to be a serious impediment to meeting deadlines. Taking “home” out of the working equation might help you recenter and refocus your efforts. 

So, no matter if you’re on a classic business trip or you just need a couple of days in a home office away from home, here’s why you should choose the Inn at Fox Hollow for your next working vacation. 

Fitness Center

An active body equals an active mind! One of the most important amenities for people who travel frequently is a suitable fitness center. There, guests can get the heart rate pumping and the legs moving either before or after a long day of piloting a work desk or talking business with colleagues and clients. The Inn at Fox Hollow’s 24-hour fitness center ensures you’ll feel vibrant and energized, with equipment that ranges from treadmills to weight machines to free weights. 

On-Site Meetings

Another benefit of staying active and fit, is that it puts you in the right frame of mind to actually get work done. And luckily, the Inn at Fox Hollow has the space necessary to frame meetings that are conducive to business success. With meeting space at the hotel, as well as at the adjacent Fox Hollow catering hall, we have the room you need to gather the major players for important meetings and gatherings. Simply speak to any of our hotel representatives to book meeting space during your business stay. 

Satisfying Dining Options

Seasoned business travelers know what they want in a business travel hotel. It’s all about convenient food choices that are also refined and delicious. When you’re on the road, it’s too easy for eating habits to decline into the realm of grab-and-go fast food. While it’s great to have those options nearby your hotel (and there’s plenty in the general area around the Fox Hollow), it’s perhaps even more important for a hotel to offer restaurant-quality food in many different iterations. 

One of the best hotel amenities is our complimentary daily breakfast and dinner Monday-Thursday (excluding holidays). And though certain restrictions related to COVID-19 have forced the closure of our hotel buffet area, we still offer our extended-stay business guests complimentary meals that are available for pick up in the main Hearth Room, as well as room service options. We also offer a socially distanced setting in the Hearth Room, along with the Courtyard, as well as Vintage25 Bar and Lounge, where there's plenty of room to recharge before returning to work.

Guests of the Inn at Fox Hollow also have access to Volpe Ristorante. Located adjacent to the Inn and upstairs at Fox Hollow’s catering hall venue, Volpe Ristorante serves authentic Italian cuisine. What’s more, the Inn is centrally located. This means guests have plenty of delivery options in the surrounding area. And be sure to ask your concierge about local restaurants and steakhouses offering a 10 percent discount for guests of the Inn at Fox Hollow!

General Amenities

The benefits of a business trip at the Inn at Fox Hollow includes other luxurious amenities, like coin-operated laundry and same-day dry cleaning services. This ensures that no matter how long your business stays, you’ll always have fresh, clean clothes no matter how many suitcases you’re traveling with. Meanwhile, the Lobby Computer Station gives you the chance to leave your room, even for a little while, and conduct some business in a quiet, professional setting. The Inn also provides plenty of free parking, landscaped gardens, common areas with fireplaces, and fresh flowers throughout the hotel grounds.

The Right Amount of Recreation

All work and no play makes … you know the rest. Even guests deeply entrenched in work deserve a moment or two of rest and relaxation. For that, the Courtyard Lounge is where guests find our immensely popular heated saltwater pool, perfect for taking a few laps or just floating in between work responsibilities. The Courtyard area also boasts a hot tub, full-service bar, al fresco dining, luxury cabanas, lawn games, and live music and entertainment on select nights. 

But there’s also room for fun off the grounds of the Inn at Fox Hollow. Our location on the North Shore of Long Island places you within easy driving distance to some of the region’s best golf courses. This includes many public and private clubs that offer the ideal setting for closing deals and wowing clients. 


If you’re looking for a place to stay during a business trip on Long Island, the Inn at Fox Hollow offers the perfect combination of functional amenities and vacation luxuries. Some corporate groups are eligible for discounted, pre-negotiated rates. So contact the Inn at Fox Hollow and start planning your business trip!

Contact the Inn at Fox Hollow at 516-224-8100 or info@theinnatfoxhollow.com to learn more about extended stays for business trips!

Or visit our website at: thefoxhollow.com/hotel/accommodations/extended-stay