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3 Reasons the Inn at Fox Hollow is the Perfect Long Island Hotel for Snowbirds

Written By The Inn at Fox Hollow | 03/24/21 | 5 min read

Snowbirds really have it made in the shade! The ability to escape the rough and tumble winter months that batter and bruise the northeast is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of retirement. Oh, that and not having to face the daily grind of the workday life. 

But committing to a southern migration each and every year is not without its headaches. When you have to maintain two residences—your new sun-drenched home and your old, chilly northern abode—you’re strapped with the expensive and time-consuming stressors of living in two places at once. While you’re somewhere along the sunbelt, perhaps Florida or Arizona, your northern home is there, in need of heat, yardwork, and other forms of attention required by Long Island homes during the wintertime.

Somehow, some way, you must manage your northern home while trying to better your golf game or finish that bestselling novel. If you still have family living nearby your Long Island home, you should probably have them on speed dial so they can swoop in and take care of anything that comes up on a moment’s notice. And by the way, you’ll still have to pay property taxes on your Long Island home, too. 

A Hotel Stay For Snowbirds

Why continue to deal with the problems of a northeast home when you don’t have to? The financial burden of home ownership is too much during those precious retirement years—and if you do decide to sell your northern home, you relieve financial concerns, like property tax pressure, and also alleviate the worries involved in maintaining a home you’re only living in for a portion of the year. 

Of course, there’s a reason you’re a snowbird and not a permanent resident of your southern location, right? You choose to maintain a place to live up north because you want to maintain family ties or keep up on old friends or even to keep supporting local businesses when you’re in town. These are all great reasons to nurture your hometown roots. 

As such, a less permanent living solution might be the answer—specifically, we’re talking about a snowbird stay at the Inn at Fox Hollow. A boutique hotel like the Inn at Fox Hollow is not merely for business travelers or locals attending a wedding. Yes, selling your home can be difficult and time consuming, but we firmly believe that if you choose to do so, it can be one of the most freeing decisions of your life. 

Why The Inn At Fox Hollow Is Perfect For Long Island Snow Birds

The Inn at Fox Hollow on Long Island’s bountiful North Shore boasts numerous benefits for travelers, no matter how long their stay. The three main advantages are immediately apparent: security, luxury, and comfort


When it comes to security, you want a hotel that offers all of the safeguards of a gated community without the exorbitant maintenance costs. You want to feel safe and secure when you’re spending an extended period of time in any location. The Inn at Fox Hollow is staffed at the front desk 24/7, while each and every room is secured with a double lock/deadbolt and security latch. Once you’re inside and the door is latched, no one may enter the room unless you let them in. 

As for the parking lot, it’s fully lit at all times. So no matter where you go and when you return, you can rest assured that it’ll be brightly lit for the utmost security. The front entrance is also fully lit and, as stated above, the front desk is staffed at all times. 

Each guest room and every public area is also outfitted with fire and carbon monoxide detectors, along with fire sprinklers. Meanwhile, the Inn at Fox Hollow is inspected regularly by the local health department, including the food services to ensure cleanliness. And speaking of cleanliness, the Inn at Fox Hollow’s cleaning protocols have expanded to include new COVID-19 guidelines

For your convenience, we’ve included many of our safety efforts here for your easy reference!


All guests staying at the Inn at Fox Hollow receive all of the luxury amenities associated with a boutique hotel. And when you’re a snowbird staying with the Inn for an extended period of time, you are eligible for all of these amenities for the duration of your stay. 

Inside the Inn at Fox Hollow, that means full access to features such as a fitness center, our Outdoor Courtyard with heated pool and hot tub, high-speed Wi-Fi, lobby computer station, coin-operated laundry, and same-day dry cleaning. As for dining options, there’s the Courtyard and Room Service menu, daily complimentary meals available for pick up in the Hearth Room, as well as access to Vintage25 Bar & Lounge and Volpe Ristorante

The location of the Inn at Fox Hollow is a luxury all its own. From its spot on Jericho Turnpike in Syosset, guests can access an array of diverse dining options, along with high-end shopping across Long Island’s North Shore. 

There’s also plenty of dining to be had outside of the grounds at the Inn at Fox Hollow. Along with enjoyable neighborhood eats in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, guests can also take advantage of the Scotto restaurant connection. This includes Blackstone Steakhouse in Melville, Opus Steakhouse in Jericho, and Rare650 in Syosset.


Then there’s the comfort element, which relates to everything you’ll find in your room—the place you’ll likely to spend a lot of your time. The Inn at Fox Hollow presents snowbirds with the full complement of in-room amenities such as spa bathrooms, robes, slippers, platform beds, large vanity area, and a kitchenette with a microwave, refrigerator, toaster, utensils, wine rack, wet bar, and wine refrigerator (in select rooms). 

As for entertainment (a comfort in its own right), our rooms include a flat-screen HD LCD television equipped with cable and HBO.


When you return up north to see family and friends any time of the year, you want to maximize your time and enjoy each and every moment. You certainly don’t want to get bogged down in household chores, maintenance efforts, and other homeowner headaches. A snowbird stay at the Inn at Fox Hollow on Long Island ensures your time is spent in the comfortable and secure lap of luxury.


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