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Why Long Island Destination Weddings Are the Best

Written By The Inn at Fox Hollow | 04/19/19 | 3 min read

Picking that perfect wedding venue should probably be one of the first items checked off on your wedding to-do list. Remember, other couples are out there right now booking their own venues, and they very well could be targeting the same date as you!

The actual location of your wedding will also help decide other factors like decor, dining, guest list, and more—it is truly a domino-effect decision.

But wouldn’t it be nice if your choice of venue automatically decided other elements as well, like where you and your guests will stay after the reception? Aside from having one of Long Island’s premier wedding venues, Fox Hollow also boasts the Inn at Fox Hollow, an on-site, upscale hotel that transforms your wedding day to a wedding weekend.

And that’s what it’s all about—ensuring the party atmosphere extends beyond the epic sendoff, into the afterparty, and eventually to breakfast the next morning.

In that spirit, we present our reasons why hotel weddings are best weddings.

Planning Made Easy

With any luck, the hotel you’re considering as a venue has a gorgeous hall, delicious dining, and all the amenities of a top-rate wedding hall—like the Inn at Fox Hollow. When you reach out to the Fox Hollow wedding team, they clue you into the all-encompassing nature of the venue, assisting you in choosing the right space, designing the catering menu and even helping to book accommodations for you and your guests.

Multiple Spaces To Choose From

Your wedding might be intimate, with only your closest friends and family—or it might be extravagant with hundreds of guests. Either way, most hotels offer an array of halls, all varying in size and scope. The Fox Hollow allows you to choose from three spaces: the Winter Garden Ballroom or Garden Terrace Ballroom, on the main estate, or the Somerley venue, nestled in the north gardens of the estate. When touring, be sure and ask which spaces are available and how many guests each can accommodate.

Built For Events

From family to friends to the couple tying the knot, most weddings include a very large group of people. Well, guess what? Hotels are fully accustomed to entertaining and hosting large groups of people on a regular basis, meaning they will have the infrastructure and full complement of team members ready to provide you with everything you need. And when it comes to the rooms at the Inn at Fox Hollow, the long list of amenities, services, and features include complimentary breakfast buffet, free parking, in-suite dining, a stunning landscape of gardens, a neo-classic design, chic décor, and so much more.

Restaurant Options

Hotels are typically centrally located, with plenty of restaurants in the surrounding area that are ideal for guests looking for a pre- or post-wedding meal, or even for your own rehearsal dinner. Fox Hollow boasts more than a few local dining options, including such award-winning Scotto restaurants as One North, Rare650, and Blackstone Steakhouse. Fox Hollow even offers complimentary shuttle service to those fine dining restaurants. And if you don’t want to leave the Inn’s grounds, Volpe Ristorante offers high-end Italian cuisine in an elegant setting.

Room & Board

As stated earlier, wedding hotels turn wedding days into wedding weekends. When you and your guests are staying in once place, the celebratory mood of your big day gets seriously amped up. It’s exciting to completely take over an entire block of rooms, stationing friends and family at strategic locations near your room, making the wedding feel more like a vacation than merely a one-time event. It also gives you the chance to hang out with out-of-town guests that you don’t normally get to see. The Inn at Fox Hollow features 145 suites with attentive service and pitch-perfect amenities.

Emphasis On Fun

With the vacation vibe in full effect, hotel weddings keep the party going late into the night, usually with your most fun guests congregating in either the bridal suite or one of the other larger rooms. Drinks will be served, late-night snacks will be eaten, and songs will be sung—all under a jubilant atmosphere full of love that will absolutely spill over to the following day’s farewell brunch. Also, you won’t have to worry about your guests getting home safely, because driving isn’t necessary when your room is down the hall.