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What's The Deal With Rehearsal Dinners?

Written By The Inn at Fox Hollow | 05/24/19 | 4 min read

Without the rehearsal the day before, your wedding could very well devolve into a free-for-all where no one knows where to go, when and with whom to walk down the aisle, and where to sit or stand. It’s confusing—and on your wedding day, it’s mass chaos.

Indeed, the main objective of the rehearsal dinner is to avoid such an unmitigated disaster, but getting everyone together the night before the wedding also serves to bring the family closer, break the ice between friends or new acquaintances, and have a few relaxing cocktails to take the edge off your wedding nerves. It all takes place in a pressure-free setting, and gives your guests the chance to spend a few intimate moments with you before your busy wedding day.

Fox Hollow Rehearsal Dinner

Not only is the Fox Hollow a gem on the North Shore of Long Island’s wedding scene, its hotel element gives it a distinct advantage over other nearby venues. The Inn at Fox Hollow gives you and your guests the refined surroundings and elegant atmosphere, with the added bonus of a high-end, luxury hotel to fall back on when the night comes to an end.

When you and your guests are staying at the Inn at Fox Hollow, your options for where to hold your rehearsal dinner are numerous.

One of the instances in which this is truly appreciated is the rehearsal dinner. Since all of your guests attending the rehearsal dinner will most likely be at your wedding, boarding them all in one place prior to your long-awaited wedding weekend makes sense. Not only will it help you keep all the major players in the bridal party accounted for, but it also ensures that everyone can relax during the rehearsal dinner, without worrying about how to get back and forth from the venue.

When you and your guests are staying at the Inn at Fox Hollow, your options for where to hold your rehearsal dinner are numerous. Of course, there’s Volpe Ristorante, the high-end and inventive Italian restaurant on the Inn’s grounds. But the hotel is also nearby a handful of other Scotto restaurants in the area—these include Rare650Blackstone Steakhouse, Opus Steakhouse , Insignia Steakhouse & One10 Restaurant.

What Actually Happens At A Rehearsal Dinner

More than merely a reason to eat a delicious meal the night before your wedding, the rehearsal dinner has a specific function. Whether your wedding is an off-the-cuff nonchalant affair or an intricately planned, strictly managed proceeding, there are steps you will need to hit. These include pairing members of the bridal party for the walk down the aisle, getting everyone lined up correctly at the ceremony, figuring out a timeline for speeches at the ceremony and reception, and assuring your mom that even though you decided not to serve turkey in the carving station, everything will be fine.

It’s important to guard against any possible rehearsal dinner mistakes, which include delaying booking the venue, waiting to give out gifts or, oh yeah, forgetting to actually rehearse.

As for the maid-of-honor and bridal party, jewelry is often the most popular gift, but another great idea is personalized makeup bags.

About those gifts, the rehearsal dinner is a great time to give these out to your wedding party, this way you don’t have to schlep any extra boxes or bags on your actual wedding day—trust us, you’ll have enough to worry about. As for what kinds of gifts to present to your party, personalization is best. If the groom’s best man is a whiskey aficionado, get him a high-end bottle of scotch. As for the maid-of-honor and bridal party, jewelry is often the most popular gift, but another great idea is personalized makeup bags.

And while it is not required or expected, you can also give gifts to your parents or even the ring bearer and flower girl.

Rehearsal Dinner Statistics

According to Wedding Wire, couples spent an average of $1,800 on their rehearsal dinner in 2018, that’s down from $2,000 the previous year. That’s right smack in the middle in terms of the various costs associated with weddings—well below the cost of the venue, but far more than the cost of the groom’s attire.

Traditionally it’s the groom’s parents that pay for the rehearsal dinner since the bride’s family customarily pays for the wedding. But of course, that is not set in stone. Do what is best for your family—there is nothing wrong with splitting costs of the wedding across the board if it keeps the families getting along in a harmonious manner.

It’s All About Tomorrow

Perhaps the most vital piece of advice for you concerning the rehearsal dinner: Remember, the big day is the wedding itself. You should not subject yourself to any extra, undue pressure when it comes to the rehearsal dinner. Your guests will be honored just being invited—don’t feel like you have to blow them away with extravagance at the rehearsal dinner. Keep it casual, light, and fun!