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spending xmas with family

Traveling To Long Island For the Holidays

Written By The Inn at Fox Hollow | 12/06/19 | 4 min read

The holiday season is the time of year when seemingly everyone is either traveling somewhere or is about to travel somewhere. Airport terminals are jammed packed with people taking to the skies to get to a loved one’s home, while the roads are at a near standstill as travelers try to get to where they’re going as quickly and as safely as possible. 

This is the way it should be—holidays are a time for family and friends to gather in cheerful harmony so that they can shower each other with gifts and affection. But when you’re traveling a far distance to a family member’s home, you’ll need somewhere to sleep when all the partying is said and done. Of course, if it’s your family’s home—whether it’s your parents’ house or your son and daughter-in-laws home, or your grandparents house, etc.—you’ll need to either sleep in their guest room or on that torturously uncomfortable fold-out couch. And when you stay at a family member’s home, you inevitably begin to feel like a burden, especially if you end up having to make it an extended stay. 

And even if your hosts insist that you aren’t a burden, there’s another unfortunate wrinkle involved in staying at a family’s home—and that’s the family itself. When the holiday sleepover morphs into an extended stay, there’s the distinct possibility that you and your hosts might get on each other’s nerves. Even though the holiday season is a time for togetherness, staying in such tight quarters can wear on any relationship, no matter how familial.

This is where a local boutique hotel truly shows its worth. Rather than impose on family or friends, booking a few nights at a nearby hotel can keep the holiday season merry between family members. For a spot on the North Shore of Long Island, the Inn at Fox Hollow is the perfect setting for the most wonderful time of year—it gives you a fantastic, cozy, and high-end place to stay that is both near family and a safe distance away at the same time!

Here’s a few specific reasons why staying at a hotel during the holidays beats taking that spare room at your mom and dad’s house!

You Won’t Feel Like A Burden

Having hosted guests before, you know what it’s like to have to prepare for their arrival and stay at your home. It’s a lot of stress! You have to clean before they get there, ensure there’s plenty of fresh towels and linens, stock the kitchen with their preferred food and drinks, keep the spare bathroom stocked with toiletries, and clean up after them—all while trying not to make them feel like they are putting you out! Regardless of your friend or relative’s insistence that your presence in their home is no trouble, it almost always is, even if you are the most conscientious houseguest of all time!

You’ll Get Personal Space

Staying with family during the holidays means merging different routines, preferences and idiosyncrasies. People will try their best to be polite, but after a few days of awkward run-ins and clashing schedules, even a large house can start to feel small when its crowded with people and an air of holiday stress. Having your own hotel room as a home base to decompress, relax and enjoy some alone time can go a long way toward helping you stay on good terms with the family.

You Need A Comfortable Place To Sleep

A hotel mattress is almost always preferable to a basement pullout or your old twin bed. Can you imagine getting a good night’s sleep in your childhood room, surrounded by all of your old stuff? Just think about trying to sleep comfortably on that old mattress or on a pull-out couch with that awful bar running down the center of the mattress. Good luck with that! This is the perfect opportunity to reap one of the few benefits of getting older: the effects of aging are readily accepted as a perfectly legitimate reason not to do things, as well as an acceptable excuse for seeking out the most comfortable possible circumstance. 

There Are No Judgements At A Hotel

Staying with family during the holidays means you have to be on your best behavior for the duration of your stay. This means making your bed every morning, picking up the damp towels from the bathroom floor and always putting your clothes away. But when you stay at a hotel, you don’t have to worry about any of that! You still don’t want to leave an incredible mess in your wake, but at the very least you won’t feel badly about making your family host clean up after you. 

An Extended Holiday Stay At The Inn At Fox Hollow

The key to a truly merry holiday extended-stay hotel experience is a focus on amenities and complimentary services. During Christmastime, the Inn at Fox Hollow’s surroundings on Long Island’s Gold Coast transform into a veritable winter wonderland, with holiday decorations and accents elevating the already lush surroundings of the hotel grounds. 

But it’s more than merely looks, as the Inn at Fox Hollow exquisitely blends the comforts of a holiday home with the high-end pampering of a boutique hotel. There’s a complimentary American Breakfast Buffet daily and Dinner Buffet Mondays through Thursdays (excluding holidays), along with wired Internet, Wi-Fi, and local calls. 

Then there’s complimentary Shuttle Services that give you the opportunity to utilize the luxurious shopping and dining experiences of the surrounding Woodbury community. Get all that last-minute holiday shopping done locally or make a reservation for a romantic Christmas dinner for two. It’s all within a short drive! Of course, you can also enjoy sumptuous holiday meals at the hotel, with in-suite dining, the standout Italian eatery Volpe Ristorante, along with Vintage 25 Bar & Lounge

As for in-room amenities, Fox Hollow boasts spa bathrooms, kitchens with a microwave, refrigerator, toaster, and utensils, a glass wine rack, wet bar and wine refrigerator (select rooms), large vanity area, flat-screen HD LCD TVs equipped with cable and HBO, and so much more.