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Pros Of Hosting A Farewell Wedding Brunch Or Breakfast

Written By The Inn at Fox Hollow | 07/10/19 | 3 min read

One of the pros of holding your Long Island wedding at a destination venue with a hotel on premises is undoubtedly the fact that it keeps everyone in a single place. This not only keeps the party going through the wee hours of the morning, but it is also a fantastic safety measure to ensure any guests enjoying spirits stay off the roads.

But another selling point of a destination wedding with hotel is the opportunity for guests and the newly married couple to give one last declaration of love at a farewell brunch or breakfast. The morning after a wedding, some awake refreshed and glowing, while others are a tad groggy and bleary-eyed—but everyone’s up for rehashing the events of the previous night over breakfast foods and maybe one or two mimosas. 

At the Inn at Fox Hollow, all guests receive a complimentary continental breakfast each morning of their stay, whether they are wedding guests or not. But if you’re planning your wedding and looking to go the extra mile for your guests, you can coordinate with the professionals at the Inn at Fox Hollow to reserve a private banquet room to hold an official farewell wedding brunch

If this sounds like something you and your party would be interested in, check out the following list of  pros to holding a farewell wedding brunch at a  destination wedding venue. 

It Keeps the Party Alive
The lone downside of a wedding is the inevitable let down that happens when it’s all over and the attention is no longer showering down upon you and your partner. But not all is lost—the party can still go on! With so much still to celebrate, you can wake up the next day and gather together once again with friends and family as a married couple. The morning-after brunch or breakfast can be the pitch-perfect coda to a wonderful wedding night. 

Everyone’s Already There
Almost all married couples will tell you that one of their favorite memories of their wedding is having all of their loved ones in one place, as it just doesn’t happen that often in life. Embrace that byproduct of a wedding and take advantage of the fact that everyone is still in the same place the next morning. 

Breakfast Food
Even those of us who wouldn’t consider ourselves “morning people” will still lurch out of bed in order to score some pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc. And the morning after a long night of dancing and imbibing, there’s is nothing better for your stomach and your brain than all of those breakfast classics. All guests of the Inn at Fox Hollow receive complimentary American breakfast buffet, so even if you opt not to reserve a  private banquet room for a brunch goodbye, you and your loved ones will enjoy much more than some reheated pastry. An American breakfast delivers eggs, bacon, sausage, and more—the perfect cure for the morning after. 

Equal Time
Your wedding reception will have you bouncing from guest to guest as you try your hardest to spend quality time with as many people as possible. Alas, no matter how much effort you put into granting everyone equal time at your wedding, it’s almost impossible to do so. A morning after breakfast or brunch at the hotel venue gives you the chance to spend extra time with your guests. This is especially helpful with family or friends that traveled from afar and who you normally don’t get to see all that often. 

First Appearance as a Couple
Even though you’ve likely been wedded before the reception, it won’t feel like you are truly a married couple until the next day. When you and your partner make your entrance at brunch or breakfast in the light of day, you will do so as officially married—and this triumphant moment is the perfect time to soak in the last offerings of attention from family and friends before you finally begin your happily-ever after as partners. 

Reach out to the team at the Inn at Fox Hollow today to start planning your stay with us!