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Anatomy Of A Hotel Wedding After Party

Written By The Inn at Fox Hollow | 05/06/19 | 3 min read

All good weddings must come to an end.

Or do they? If your wedding crew features more than a few late-night revelers, then hopefully you’ve planned ahead and accounted for an after party at a nearby bar or club. After parties give you and your guests a chance to unwind after the craziness of the wedding or keep the festivities going, depending on your personality. As the bride and groom, you can also spend time with out-of-town guests and relive the most amazing night of your life with a few hours worth of hindsight.

The hardest part of any after party is planning the festivities so that everyone gets to and from the location safely—this is where the advantage of a hotel wedding truly shines. Rather than coordinating rides to ensure the safety of your after-party crew, you can keep the carefree atmosphere going and simply usher your guests to the next social setting on foot.

What makes for the ultimate wedding after party? It’s a combination of drinks, food, ambiance, and guests.

But the days of a traditional hotel after party—where entire floors are turned into gigantic blowouts with roving revelers partying late into the night—might very well have passed, as many hotels have begun to prohibit those bridal-suite bashes of yore. This makes it even more imperative to find a hotel wedding hall with a top-notch bar or gathering place onsite.

While providing an elegant setting for your wedding and reception, the Inn at Fox Hollow also accommodates your after party with Vintage 25 Bar & Lounge. In this chic, classically cool wine bar, your guests can unwind with a few post-wedding drinks or replenish the energy spent while dancing with a mouth-watering gastro-bar menu. It all takes place in a cozy indoor space or in the glass atrium overlooking the Inn’s courtyard.

When your wedding is at a hotel, the party doesn’t have to end until you want it to—or until the last reveler falls asleep. But what makes for the ultimate wedding after party? It’s a combination of drinks, food, ambiance, and guests.


The Inn at Fox Hollow’s Vintage 25 boasts a full bar that can cater to all tastes. Of course, there’s plenty of beer, but also classy cocktails, playful mixed drinks, and an impressive wine list. There’s also a robust measure of non-alcoholic beverages for anyone that needs to take it down a notch after a long night of imbibing at the actual wedding. And while the bar is open until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, a one-time fee of $150 will keep it open until 3 a.m. Meanwhile, on Sunday nights, though the bar closes at 11 p.m., you can keep it open until 2 a.m. for $125 per hour. *The bar will be open to the public during these extended hours.


When it comes to after party eats at a wedding, you want options that work to soak up the good times of the night, but also taste great and offer more variety than slices of pizza. Vintage 25’s menu features the perfect combination, with gastro-pub grub meshing deliciously with chef-prepared creativity. And while Vintage 25’s kitchen closed January-April  at 10PM & May-December at 11PM, you can pre-order some cold options from the catering menu that the staff will prepare and have waiting for you in the main dining room for you and your guests to enjoy post-wedding.


The Inn at Fox Hollow’s atmosphere makes it the ideal place to unwind after the bride and groom take their final bow at the wedding reception. With the lounge aesthetic at Vintage 25, guests will have a relaxing place to talk about their favorite moments of the last few hours—who had the best dance moves, how hilarious was the best man’s speech, how heart-warming the father-daughter dance was—you and your guests are going to want to rehash everything!


And finally, your friends and family. With everything that’s expected of you at your wedding, it is impossible to spend a sufficient amount of time with every single one of your guests. This aspect alone makes the after party get-together an imperative element of your wedding day. From long-time friends, to rarely seen cousins, to out-of-town family members, you can sit and soak in the quality time with everyone and let them know exactly how much you appreciate them sharing this incredible day with you.