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Tips to write your own vows

Tips to write your own vows Wedding vows are eternal promises to one another. A lot of couples are choosing to write their own vows instead of using the traditional, less personalized vows. Writing your own vows gives you and your partner the ability to share what you love the most about one another, how special you make each other feel and how you plan to love that person for the rest of your life. If the words don’t come to you right away, don’t panic and don’t get frustrated. Jot down a few notes everyday and write your vows around that. Write down the first time you told her you love her, the first date you went on, your first anniversary, the first time you met each other’s parents. Throw in lines of her favorite poem or movie. Don’t be afraid to be comical. As long as you are speaking from the heart, your vows will be beautiful.