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Signature Drink Ideas

signature drinks

Signature drinks are a fun way to personalize the bar offerings at your wedding or special event.  It also gives your guests another option instead of a traditional mixed drinks. Your signature drink could be your favorite cocktail, or a fun drink that goes with the season!


Think, refreshing! A mojito is a great summer cocktail, as well as something with fruit or cucumber. Sangria, a peach Bellini, or cucumber martini are all great options.


Incorporate seasonal favorites such as Apple Cider, Cinnamon, & Pumpkin! There are so many great signature drinks for Fall…Pumpkin martinis, spiked cider, or a drink with a cinnamon stick, are all delicious drinks.


For the winter, a peppermint stick or candy cane martini, champagne punch, or something a little heavier like eggnog or a white Russian would be perfect.


Think fresh flavors, bright colors, and nothing too heavy. Champagne with lavender, a margarita, or pomegranate martini, are all great choices.