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Bridal Shower Decor

First is the engagement party, and then comes the Bridal Shower! Traditionally the maid of honor, bridesmaids and Mother of the bride, host the bridal shower. Planning the party will be lots of fun and there are endless ideas for decor & theme.  One tip is to tie in the theme with what the bride likes and has interest in.

You can get very creative with the theme and color scheme. If the bride-to-be & groom are going to Paris on their honeymoon, what about a Paris theme? The same goes for Italy, or any other fun destination! 

You could also have an adult tea party with pastries & mini sandwiches, or a cooking-themed affair. Talk about what the bride loves, and create a theme that is unique to her. 

There are many fun games to play at a bridal shower to keep your guests engaged. It is good to break up the gift-opening portion of the shower by stopping to play a game like “How well do you know your fiancé”! You can also fill a jar with kisses or candies and have your guests guess how many are in the jar. Bridal Bingo is always popular: guests fill in the bingo card with gifts they think the bride will receive, and check off the items as the bride opens them. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s extra special for the Bride-to-be! 

Happy Planning